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Feb. 17th, 2006 | 03:25 am
posted by: zeroheretic in oprahisnotagod

Anyone who saw Dave Chappelle interviewed by James Lipton on Inside the Actor Studio + his interview by Oprah should be able to clearly see how abysmal she is at interviewing guests. All she does now is "paint by numbers". She may have once had talent interviewing celebrities, but that talent remains in hibernation inside a woman who has amassed vast wealth and the typical laziness that goes along with it. Her crackerjack staff of hopeful media players assembles the most relevant questions and she just recites the words.

In a way, I think of her as the most lucky woman in showbiz. Being a fan of hers has become so commonplace in the closeted racist suburban mother that she can do no wrong even when she fucks up. One of Howard Stern's staff members recently hit the streets to find female Oprah fans, setting out to discover what it would take to thwart their allegiance. "Oprah recently called an intern a filthy Jew. Does this change your opinion of her?" - just as an example, not a direct quote. (He was more creative.) He was hard-pressed to find one woman that did not immediately forgive her, and also offer up a justification for his [fictional] claim.

I feel that she is a worthless, but highly fortunate champion of guilty American white women. So do we blame her, or them?

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From: zeroheretic
Date: Feb. 17th, 2006 09:28 am (UTC)

Any powerful woman, should she choose it, could usurp the system. I believe that. A good-looking woman could do it faster, but that's only because we live in a camera culture. You women are too hooked on comfort. When things get uncomfortable, you start taking risks. This has been my observation.

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