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Oprah: The Soccer Moms' Pied Piper

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Feb. 17th, 2006 | 12:43 am
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posted by: psychobiddy in oprahisnotagod

Hello all. My name is Caroline. I am the other moderator for this community. I am doing this introduction because I only noticed I was a moderator about five minutes ago. Since I am too flustered & it is too late at night for me to come up with anything eloquent on the spot, I will just re-post the comment I left on badger_trouble's journal when she first got the idea to start this community.

Oprah is a monster. Some of the things she says are totally outrageous, but the brainwashed women in her audience just smile & nod along, hanging onto her every word. If you pay attention you can really see just how out of touch with reality she is.

She does that "Oprah After the Show" thing, where she gets "real" with her audience. Here are two of the "amusing" anecdotes she's shared with them:

1. This one is reported by a friend of mine. Oprah gives away a free t-shirt to each audience member at every show. Apparently, once she got a phone call from a woman asking for a XXXL-size shirt. Insert Oprah expression of disbelief & forced audience laughter here. Oprah told this woman to come back to the show when she could fit into "normal" sizes. Insert roaring audience approval for clear act of discrimination & hate on the part of Oprah here.

2. This one I actually witnessed on several occasions, as it was part of the commercial for that night's "After the Show" episode. Oprah tells this charming story of her trip to famine-ravaged Ethiopia. Apparently Oprah was eating a piece of bread, when she suddenly learned to her horror that it was calorie-infused. Insert audience's forced sympathetic horror here. Oprah exclaims that she felt as though she'd gained five pounds right there! Insert audience laughter. Insert audience ignoring that nagging question, being why the fuck is multimillionaire Oprah taking food from poor starving people & then complaining about it, & how can she possibly worry about her superficial weight issues while witnessing such devastation caused by malnourishment?

I will gladly join your anti-Oprah coalition. Actually, I'm off to make some anti-Oprah icons right now. Keep fighting the good fight.

Er, yeah, so those icons... still "working" on them. I swear they will exist one day.

Anyway. Just wanted to contribute my voice & help this community along. Christine, I know this is very much your community & I am honored that you have made me a mod. I allowed the last post just because I was the first one to get the submission notification, & because I thought it was a very valid point. If you'd like me to leave the submissions up to you, I will be glad to do so, but I'm under the impression that the posts are moderated just to keep out Her Worship's many brainwashed defenders.

Oh & you should post your poem.

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puttin' the Christ in Christine

From: badger_trouble
Date: Feb. 17th, 2006 02:29 pm (UTC)

No worries about accepting the post. I'm sure you're quite aware of when people with tactful, valid opinions should have their post up. Anyway I'm getting late for work I'll finish discussing later hehe.

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