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The Anti-Humanitarian: Oprah Winfrey

a community dedicated to the stop of the iconization of Oprah.

Oprah Brainwashes Middle Class America
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We are dedicated to exposing the truth about Oprah and absolute degredation of American society by iconizing Oprah. Before you join, you MUST read the rules of the community and follow them. We may seem a little off, but we will not allow racist, sexist, or generally offensive comments on groups of people. We do not want to come across as idiots. Not following the rules of the community gets you an automatic ban. Also, we are in no way associated with one political group or the other. This is simply about Oprah and the wool she is pulling over society's eyes.

- No racist, sexist, or generally offensive comments about groups of people.
- Anything expressing politics will be deleted immediately.
- Grammar and spelling are your friends. Any posts in webspeak will be deleted and you will re-write them if you want to see them on here.
- If you are an Oprah fan and feel the need to express your opinion, take it else where. As the maintainer and moderator, I really don't respect your opinion if you choose to be stupid and post on our boards.
- Do not do anything to make the maintainer mad and we should all get along. More rules will be added with the coming weeks.


1. She represents commercialization of America by recommending certain products simultaneously enforcing conformity, brain washing fans into buying her products, and driving out local businesses.

2. Though many think she appears to be a humanitarian, she does not compare to those who are in fact true givers. She makes money from these trips and subjects her crews to deadly viruses. Also, she spends most of her time in her luxurious home in Chicago, a true humanitarian would be trying to help the unfortunate by living among them.

3. SHe literally has no true talent. She doesn't do anything.

4. Having no children or family, she cannot truly empathize with her guests. Since the only person she supports is herself (and possibly her dogs), she is allowed to live in absolute surplus.

5. She is destroying the art of literature and corrupting books' meanings. She fails to encourage the deep reading and study of literature, destroying the author's intent and trivializing symbolism. Plus she thinks "non-fiction" means "100% true" meaning she is an idiot.

[DISCLAIMER: The maintainer of this community reserves the right to delete any posts or ban any user she chooses without any reason. If you feel you were unjustly banned, contact the maintainer, but it doesn't mean she will answer.]
anti-humanitarian, anti-oprah, globalization, iconization of worthless people